Pollen (2009)

Pollen (2009) by Coti K. & Dimitris Charitos

Pollen (2009)

Coti K. & Dimitris Charitos


in the group exhibition "Creative Ecologies: Perspectives in a time of Ecological Emergency"

at the Athens Museum of Contemporary Art (EMST)

Curated by Daphne Vitali


“Pollen” is a site-specific installation which captures data from the sound and atmospheric pollution of the environment surrounding the museum and transforms it into an auditory ecosystem that functions adversely towards these environmental conditions, in an attempt to counterbalance them at a symbolic level. The visual form of the installation is a network of beehives, which are positioned at the exterior of the museum in such a way that they define a micro-environment, by virtue of their arrangement and the evolving sound composition they transmit. This environment temporarily carries away the visitor from the negative stimuli of the urban context.
The beehives contain the input devices that capture environmental information (sensors, microphones, etc.), the information-processing part of the system as well as the devices, which output the sound composition of the installation (amplifiers and speakers). By making use of microphones and sensors, the (usually disturbing) sound levels and other measurements of environmental pollution are digitised in real-time and used as input for the system, consequently producing the auditory environment, which comprises processed audio, representing natural sounds in an abstract manner. The beehives, in a way, refer to the process through which bees starting from the beehive, set off to explore the environment in order to obtain nectar and pollen, through which they can then create honey, while assisting significantly in the pollination of plants.