HOPE: Distant Learning Brokerage Environment for Life Long Training of Individuals with Emphasis in Socially Excluded Communities»

[European Commission's Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development FP5]

Analysis, design and development of a web based interactive system, involving multimedia and non-linear video narratives, for educating young prisoners. (2001 - 2002

The main objective of this project aimed to improve the learning skills of marginalized persons, and more specifically young convicts. The scientific approach followed by the research team included the development of interactive applications, according to the criteria of specific training programs. The aforementioned applications were adapted to the individual characteristics of each trainee, and could be adjusted to their skills and needs. The conclusions eluded through this project, included the fact that the educational process is more effective when implemented through interactive applications, which take into account psychological factors related to the behaviour of the potential users of the system. The project was a bilateral cooperation between Greek and Spanish correctional facilities, and its duration was 30 months.